As a nurse, one of the things that we need to do is to promote health and wellness. I believe that we all need to have a good sweat at the end of the day, not the sweat because of stress but the sweat we need to take out the stress off in our body. Today, I played beach volleyball with my friends. I always try to play beach volleyball every weekends and regular work-outs (about an hour) every weekdays. Not to be cocky or over-confident, I feel like I’m improving with my overall skills (except the blocking). Blocking is a difficult skill to master because you need to have accuracy and great timing to perform this skill properly. Blocking is also your first line of defense so this is vital in this sport. Beach volleyball is twice, thrice or four times harder than indoor volleyball because of a lot of reasons and I’m not gonna specify it because I’ll bore you to death. Lol! Just sharing. Bored guy right here! :)

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